photographed by McRey


Wednesday, March 26, 2008


March 27, 2008
4:00 pm
St. Joseph Hall


A. Baccalaureate Mass
B. Graduation Ceremony
1. Entrance of Colors
2. National Anthem
3. Inspirational Talk
4. Presentation of Graduates
5. Distribution of Certificates
a. Gr. 6 - St. Andrew
b. Gr. 6 - St. Peter
c. Gr. 6 - St. Jude
d. Gr. 6 - St. James
6. Recognition of Achievements
7. Awarding of Medals
8. Valedictory Speech
9. Graduation Song
10. SJA Hymn
11. Recessional
SY. 2007-2008
Valedictorian - Sergius Angelo U. Santos
Salutatorian - Marella Agatha C. Liwanag
Honorable Mention
Earl Carlo Aguilar
Tricia Anna Aranda
Ellaine Mae Banot
Clarence Clyde Carandang
Bianca Marie Domingo
Clarenz Elamparo
Reiner Gallardo
Marione Andrea Guzarem
Jessica Christine Julio
Crissa Janella Marcado
Pauline Grace Mifor
Dominic Immanuel Nacorda
Mark Joseph Ordaniel
John Hegz Quilatan
Victoria Louise Quilatan
John Ronald Quintana
Regimae Reyes
Marian Andrea Samiley
Maria Linda Santos
Paula Denise Talampas
March 28, 2008
4:00 pm
St. Joseph Hall
A. Processional
B. Mass
I. Entrance of Colors
II. The Philippine National Anthem
III. Introductory Message
IV. Presentation of Candidates for Graduation
V. Confirmation of the Graduates
VI. Awarding of Diplomas
VII. Commencement Address
VIII. Conferring of Academic Awards
Awarding of Medals
and Certificates
IX. Salutatory Address
X. Valedictory Address
XI. Oath-taking to SJAAA
XII. Graduation Song
XIII. Recessional
SY. 2007-2008
Valedictorian - Raymond Nhil P. Shappit
Salutatorian - Rhenz Jasper M. Velasquez
Honorable Mention
Karenne Cindy Azares
Sam Patrick Belda
Kim Eloise Biong
Clarice Bulias
Rommel Cruz
Lynmark Estrada
Ezra Marie Gatus
Reesha Go
Crissy Nicole Gregorio
Robert John Guting
Darren Ignacio
Maricris Mercado
Jianna Paula Morales
Patricia Anne Pablo
Lovelle Marie Role
April Anne Sanchez
Rachel Anne Valiente

Monday, March 10, 2008



1. Dela Peña, Isabel - Diliman
2. Pablo, Patricia Anne - Diliman
3. Shappit, Raymond Nhil - Diliman
4. Tiongson, Deanne Paulene - Manila
5. Velasquez, Rhenz Jasper - Diliman
SY 2008 - 2009

School Code: 13076001012
Region and Province Name: NCR - 4th District
City Name: Las Piñas City
School Name: St. Joseph's Academy

The following Students have passed the examination.
1. Abdon, John Fernando
2. Andres, Eyrel Xein
3. Aquino, Martha Claudine
4.Belda, Sam Patrick
5. Biong, Kim Eloise
6. Bulias, Clarice
7.Calvento, Kevin Reiner
8. Canchico, Trixzy Francheska
9. Dones, Ron Kevin
10. Esquerra, Jason
11. Espiritu, Joana Marie
12. Fernandez, Denice
13. Garcia, maria Clarisse
14. Garcia, Paolo Mari
15. Genoguin, Ricson Alexis
16. Go, Reesha
17. Guting, Robert
18.Javier, Kevin
19. Limosnero, Hazelyn Alyssa
20. Meneses, Janine Erica
21. Mercado, Maricris
22. Mostoles, April Joy
23. Nacorda, Christian
24. Pablo, Patricia Anne
25. Regencia, Cora-Lynne
26. Remigio, Russel Justin
27. Rolluque, Michael Jeremy
28. Shappit, Raymund Nhil
29. Solis, Karen May
30. Vargas, Allan Cendrik
31. Velasquez, Rhenz Jasper
32. Venezuela, Miguel allen
33. Villanuava, Emerson Ralph
34. Villarama, Kevin Kit

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Christian Angelo P. Nacorda

Last February 29, 2008, hundreds of beautiful young ladies and dashing young men from the Junior and Senior batches overflowed in the Grand Ballroom of the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. Clad in their glamorous formals, they spent the night partying as they imbibed the night’s festivity. Every one was dressed to impress. Even the administrators and the faculty surely looked dazzling in their formal attires.

The celebration of the promenade was ground-breaking, for it was the first time that St. Joseph’s Academy had celebrated the Prom night outside the campus. The night started with the lighting of the paschal candle and an opening prayer led by Michael Roloque and Kevin Allison. Next, the National Anthem led by Raphaela Solis was sung. Then, it was soon followed by the turn-over ceremony. The ceremony was done to officially hang-down the legacies of the Seniors to the Juniors. The following emblems as representatives of the batches.

Key of Knowledge – Darren Ignacio, representative of the Senior Presidents and Anne Baez, representative of the Junior Presidents.

Mantle of Responsibility – Karen Solis, representative of the Senior Vice-Presidents and Katreena Baluyot, representative of the Junior Vice-Presidents.

Book of Wisdom – Eyrel Andres, representative of the Senior Secretaries and Patricia Borja, representative of the Junior Secretaties.

Bin of Treasure – Kevin Villarama, representative of the Senior Treasurers and Pia Jimeno, representative of the Junior Treasurer.

Came next was delightful opening remarks given by Mrs. Eleanor M. Quintos, our school principal.

After that, the Juniors and Seniors vowed the Pledge of Loyalty led by Jervis Jose. Subsequently, the second set of emcess, Katrina Pahutan and Raymond Shappit, took over the stage for the latter half of the program. Soon after, the dancers performed the cotillion dance which was choreographed by Mrs. Rosanna Refulgente. The contest for Mr. and Ms. Junior and Senior followed next. The following are the students who won the Mr. and Ms. Junior and Senior.

Maiko Takabe – Ms. Junior
Raul Enriquez – Mr. Junior
Daphne Cortez – Ms. Senior
Winchester Sy – Mr. Senior

Selected students also performed a number of delightful intermission numbers, and then it was time for everyone to sizzle the dance floor. Before the night ended, The Stars of the Night were chosen, and they were Jervis Jose and Jonicel San Miguel. , Fr. Tey Usman, our Prefect of Discipline, gave his brief but substantial closing remarks to officially end the evening. Sahrren Psuquin led the closing prayer and soon after Maeson Pasion introduced some members of the world-renowned Las Piñas Boys Choir who led the Josephians in singing the SJA Hymn. Afterwards, the students exited the Grand Ballroom with colossal smiles on their faces and a full digicam memory card, which was used to store as many memorable snapshots captured as possible.

Over-all the Juniors’-Seniors’ Promenade was a great success and everything went well according to plan. The night was surely magnificent and was definitely worth the pay, for we did not leave the hotel with a full stomach, but with a bag-full of memories and a heart-full of happiness as well. Congratulations to the people behind the wonderful and magical JS Prom.

CALL TO FILIPINOS (Forwarded Message from email)

From Gemma S Dimaculangan 02/18/2008 09:38 AM

To all Filipinos Everywhere:

I used to think that corruption and criminality in the Philippines were caused by poverty. But recent events tell me this isn't true. It is one thing to see people turn into drug addicts, prostitutes, thieves and murderers because of hunger and poverty, but what excuse do these rich, educated people have that could possibly explain their bizarre behavior? And to think I was always so relieved when petty snatchers got caught and locked away in jail because I never fully realized that the big time thieves were out there, making the laws and running our country. Can it get any worse than this?

Every night, I come home and am compelled to turn on my tv to watch the latest turn of events. I am mesmerized by these characters. They are not men. They are caricatures of men - too unreal to be believable and too bad to be real. To see these "honorable" crooks lambast each other, call each one names, look each other in the eye and accuse the other of committing the very same crimes that they themselves are guilty of, is so comical and appalling that I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It is entertainment at its worst!

I have never seen so many criminals roaming around unfettered and looking smug until now. These criminals wear suits and barongs, strut around with the confidence of the rich and famous, inspire fear and awe from the very citizens who voted them to power, bear titles like "Honorable", "Senator", "Justice", "General" and worse, "President". Ironically, these lawless individuals practice law, make our laws, enforce the law. And we wonder why our policemen act the way they do! These are their leaders, and the leaders of this nation – Robin Hoodlum and his band of moneymen. Their motto? "Rob the poor, moderate the greed of the rich." It makes me wonder where on earth these people came from, and what kind of upbringing they had to make them act the way they do for all the world to see.

It makes me wonder what kind of schools they went to, what kind of teachers they had, what kind of environment would produce such creatures who can lie, cheat and steal from an already indebted country and from the impoverished people they had vowed to serve. It makes me wonder what their children and grandchildren think of them, and if they are breeding a whole new generation of improved Filipino crooks and liars with maybe a tad more style but equally negligible conscience. Heaven forbid!

I am an ordinary citizen and taxpayer. I am blessed to have a job that pays for my needs and those of my family's, even though 30% of my earnings go to the nation's coffers. Just like others in my lot, I have complained time and again because our government could not provide enough of the basic services that I expect and deserve. Rutty roads, poor educational system, poor social services, poor health services, poor everything. But I have always thought that was what all third world countries were all about, and my complaints never amounted to anything more.

And then this. Scandalous government deals. Plundering presidents pointing fingers. Senators associated with crooks. Congressmen who accept bribes. Big time lawyers on the side of injustice. De Venecia ratting on his boss only after his interminable term has ended, Enrile inquiring about someone's morality! The already filthy rich Abalos and Arroyo wanting more money than they or their great grandchildren could ever spend in a lifetime. Joker making a joke of his own "pag bad ka, lagot ka!" slogan. Defensor rendered defenseless. Gen. Razon involved in kidnapping. Security men providing anything but a sense of security. And it's all about money, money, money that the average Juan de la Cruz could not even imagine in his dreams. Is it any wonder why our few remaining decent and hardworking citizens are leaving to go work in other countries?

And worst of all, we are once again saddled with a power-hungry president whose addiction has her clinging on to it like barnacle on a rusty ship. "Love (of power) is blind" takes a whole new meaning when PGMA time and again turns a blind eye on her husband's financial deals. And still blinded with all that is happening, she opts to traipse around the world with her cohorts in tow while her country is in shambles.

They say the few stupid ones like me who remain in the Philippines are no longer capable of showing disgust. I don't agree. Many like me feel anger at the brazenness of men we call our leaders, embarrassment to share the same nationality with them, frustration for our nation and helplessness at my own ineffectuality. It is not that I won't make a stand. It is just that I am afraid my actions would only be futile. After all, these monsters are capable of anything. They can hurt me and my family. They already have, though I may not yet feel it.

But I am writing this because I need to do something concrete. I need to let others know that ordinary citizens like me do not remain lukewarm to issues that would later affect me and my children. I want to make it known that there are also Filipinos who dream of something better for the Philippines. I want them to know that my country is not filled with scalawags and crooks in every corner, and that there are citizens left who believe in decency, fairness, a right to speak, a right to voice out ideas, a right to tell the people we have trusted to lead us that they have abused their power and that it is time for them to step down. I refuse to let this country go to hell because it is the only country I call mine and it is my responsibility to make sure I have done what I could for it.

Those of us who do not have the wealth, power or position it needs to battle the evil crime lords in the government can summon the power of good. We can pray. We can do this with our families every night. We can offer petitions every time we celebrate mass. We can ask others to pray, too, including relatives and friends here and overseas. And we can offer sacrifices along with our petitions, just so we get the message to Him of our desperation in ridding our nation of these vermin. After all, they cannot be more powerful than God!

I implore mothers out there to raise your children the best way you can. Do not smother, pamper, or lavish them with too much of the material comforts of life even if you can well afford them. Teach them that there are more important things in this world. I beg all fathers to spend time with their children, to teach them the virtues of hard work, honesty, fair play, sharing, dignity and compassion – right from the sandbox till they are old enough to go on their own. Not just in your homes, but at work, in school, everywhere you go. Be good role models. Be shining examples for your children so they will learn to be responsible adults who will carry and pass on your family name with pride and honor.

I call on educators and teachers – we always underestimate the power of your influence on the minds of our youth. Encourage them to be aware of what is happening in their surroundings. Instill in them a love of their country, inculcate in them the value of perseverance in order to gain real, worthwhile knowledge, help us mold our children into honorable men and women. Encourage our graduates, our best and brightest, to do what they can to lift this country from the mire our traditional politicians have sunk us into. The youth is our future – and it would be largely because of you, our educators, that we will be able to repopulate the seats of power with good leaders, presidents, senators, congressmen, justices, lawmakers, law enforcers and lawful citizens.

I ask all students, young people and young professionals everywhere to look around and get involved in what is happening. Do not let your youth be an excuse for failure to concern yourselves with the harsh realities you see. But neither let this make you cynical, because we need your idealism and fresh perspective just as you need the wisdom of your elders. YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU! Let your voices be heard. Do what you can for this land that gave you your ancestors and your heritage. Use technology and all available resources at hand to spread good. Text meaningful messages to awaken social conscience. Try your best to fight moral decay because I promise you will not regret it when you become parents yourselves. You will look back at your past misdeeds and pray that your children will do better than you did.

Remember that there are a few handful who are capable of running this country. You can join their ranks and make their numbers greater. We are tired of the old trapos. We need brave idealistic leaders who will think of the greater good before anything else. I voted for Atty. Martin Bautista and his team and I sure hope they will run again. Do your utmost to excel in your chosen field. Be good lawyers, civil servants, accountants, computer techs, engineers, doctors, military men so that when you are called to serve in government, you will have credibility and a record that can speak for itself.

For love of this country, for the future of our children, for the many who have sacrificed and died to uphold our rights and ideals, I urge you to do what you can. As ordinary citizens, we can do much more for the Philippines than sit around and let crooks lead us to perdition. We owe ourselves this. And we owe our country even more.